Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Classes, Labor Day Hours and a Sale!

Above is Linda Simon's new class, Bow Ties.  
It's a beautiful thing!
We've just posted our newest class schedule and a few other things so click the link to see what's happening at Country Quilts and Bears!  See you there!  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our New Friend

Messages From Marilyn

Here's a photo from my vacation that started in Vancouver, Canada, where I could already feel the Alaskan breezes. That lightweight jacket would soon disappear... 

We have a new friend in the shop!  He's come all the way from Alaska!  He's settled down now and found his favorite location where he greets new friends with a big smile.  However, he needs your help.  The poor guy doesn't have a name.  So we're asking you all to please come by, meet our new friend and help us give him the proper name he so deserves.  On September 18th, I'll go over all the entries and choose the winning submission.  The lucky person will receive two free yards of fabric of his or her choosing.  Oh, and let's not forget bragging rights...
Labor Day weekend hours - we will be closed Saturday, August 31st and Monday, September 2nd so we can enjoy time with our families and maybe even gets some yard work done.

Have you studied the beautiful fabrics which make up the 2013 Shop Challenge?  We're getting some very interesting, varied entries.  These are not you ordinary little quilt!  Stretch your imagination and come out of your comfortable box.  Over the years we've noticed that originality counts and only a few kits remain for your choosing.  Come play with this project and surprise yourself and others!      

The weeks pass so fast and before we know it the big Jacksonville Quilt Fest will be upon us.  Thursday, September 26th through Saturday, September 28th.  This is the larges quilt show in the state with over 400 quilts and 74 vendors.  It has always been well worth your time and effort to attend this event.  It is always an exciting weekend!  Or triple booth is number 404, the exact spot we've been for years!  Please come on by and say "hello".    

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Cat has Returned!

A Note From Mother Cat:
Dorothy said it, "There's no place like home!"  We're tired but we did it all - from Tampa to within 100 miles of the Arctic Circle.  Our family party of six traveled by air, cruise ship, rental car, bus and train.  I'm thoroughly convinced because of the enormous size and scope of our largest state that there must be countless areas of Alaska still unexplored and uninhabited.  

My personal favorite activity in Alaska was panning for gold.  Between John and I, we assayed $33.  However, the Alaskan pipeline brought tears to my eyes.  I grew up as the Oilman's Daughter and rode the delivery trucks with my Dad.  Actually seeing and even touching this amazing engineering feat meant a lot to me.  

From Fairbanks we flew south to Las Vegas and then drove up to Utah where we spent two weeks with my sister in her wonderful rustic mountain cabin 11,200 feet above sea level.  The temperature ranged from 40 degrees at night to 60 degrees in the daytime.  

Now we are back and green grass looks real good to us.  John and I want to thank our staff here in the shop and commend them for a job well done in our absence.  Although, if you have mice tales to tell, please, by all means, stop by and fill me in!!

Marilyn and John