Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Mice DID NOT Get to Play!

Typically when the Cat's away, we mice get to play but that sure wasn't the case during the Cat's Christmas Vacation!  The Cat went to Dallas to visit her Kitten and prior to her leaving, she scheduled a HUGE end of the year sale.  That completely removed any opportunity we mice had for play time.  The lines were out the door and the mice nearly starved to death due to the lack of even a lunch break!  In fact, the poor man shown in the photo below made the fatal error of coming in to shop with his wife, and when we saw him sitting idle in the back room, we gently encouraged him to get involved... and the rest is history!    
A Note From the Cat:
It came, perhaps before we were ready, but then Christmas has a way of doing that.  Now it's time to move ahead into 2013.
But first, I really want to thank all of you who helped make our year-end sale such a huge success.  The Christmas and Bali prints moved well and the fall-type fabrics really surprised us.
Keep an eye on your calendar and attend some of the 2013 Quilt Shows.  First up is the Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Show.  It is February 1st and 2nd in Orlando at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.  This is the largest quilt show in central Florida and we will be there with bells on and hope to see you there!