Monday, July 8, 2013

The Cat's Away!

A Message From Marilyn:

John and I will not be in the shop for awhile as we take some vacation time with family.  We haven't even gone and already I'm hearing rumors around here... Last year's "When the Cat's Away - The Mice Will Play" events were so popular that I'm sure Becky and Susan are planning on recreating similar hi-jinks.  I am sure that they are in the planning stages because every time I look at them, they have their heads together and the calendar out.  Whenever possible please come by the shop to keep an eye on my Mice.  I'm certain that you'll enjoy their mischief, as well!  

A Message From The Mice:

You better believe we have hi-jinks planned!!  Watch our blog and facebook page for hints and notifications letting you know what is going on here in the Mice Den!  We promise some great fun and fabulous sales and mabe even a squeek or two.
Squeek... squeek!  

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