Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the winner is........

Below you will see the 14 entries for our shop challenge.  We appreciate all those who participated this year.  The entries were diverse and very interesting.  It's amazing what people can do with the same four fabrics!  We are very happy to announce our winners at the bottom of this post.  Each entry is labeled underneath it's photo.  
Above:  Cathy Blanchard - entry #1
Above:  Martina Kupitz - entry #2
Above:  Waleska Villalobos - entry #3
Above:  Sue Weiland - entry #4
Above:  Julie Duddy - entry #5
Above:  Mary Grace Rogers - #6
Above:  Mary Sue Reinhart and Clarisse Cramer - entry #7
Above:  Christine Gruskin - entry #8
Above:  Joy Martin - entry #9
Above:  Judy Phetteplace - entry #10
Above:  Barbara Leonard - entry #11
Above:  Cindy Stanton - entry #12 
Above:  Renita Sullivan - entry #13
Above:  Diane Friedman - entry #14

And the winners are
1st Place:  Barbara Leonard - entry #11
2nd Place:  Waleska Villalobos - entry #3
3rd Place:  Cathy Blanchard - entry #1

We were very happy to see Marilyn in the store on Thursday.  Her first job was counting the ballots and informing the winners of our Shop Challenge.  It really was nice to have her back, even if it was only for a short while today!  

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