Monday, September 24, 2012

The Game Must Go On!

We are back from the Jacksonville QuiltFest but we have left our star pitcher behind! Marilyn is now on the CQB's Injured Reserve List! Here's the story.... on Thursday night while walking back from one of our favorite restaurants in Jacksonville, Marilyn slipped on the pavement and fell and broke her hip. Yes, you read that correctly, she broke her hip! She had surgery on Friday night at the Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida, to repair her bone with a pin and screws. Marilyn came through the surgery like a champ and has begun rehabilitation. To further illustrate how upbeat she is below is a photo we took of her in the emergency room.
  And here Marilyn is doing her very best to look sad and get some worked for about  five minutes. 
Below is a photo taken on Saturday night.  As you can see Marilyn is doing great after her surgery.  Happy to have friends around and anxious to get on with recovery and to get back to Clearwater!

Check back often and as we are made aware of any changes or milestones we will post them here.  Stay turned! 


  1. Oh my, I hope that Marilyn is recovering. We will all certainly miss her perky self at the shop.

  2. Wishing Marilyn a happy and fast recovery !
    Everyone will miss her at the shop

  3. Get well fast Marilyn!! A little broken hip can't keep you down!

  4. I just am getting caught up on my reading and am sad to hear that Marilyn is having to go through all this. I'm so glad she's doing so well and is such a trooper! I hope she heals well and quickly and is able to be back at the shop soon! - Amy Fahy

  5. I am also getting caught up on my blog reading. what an adventure! good healing wishes are being sent from Wisconsin. but with a wonderful pal like Susan (Flori to me) how can she help but feel better??